Church Women are HOT !

Church Women are HOT ! Freckles: I was at our Brand New Church Building.

They Just Opened it last week.

The Elders want the People with Kids to stop sitting out in the hall.
(Like they did at the Old Building)

So there are Women with Babys everywhere now.

I Like Church Women. I want one.

I thought my ExWife would be like the, Because of how I was raised.

They are Nice and Tame and have Honer and Honesty and are Devoted to thier Husband and Family.

Thats what I want.

There were 2 that I knew of at old Church.(They were not right for me)

Now there are More

I dont know which one/s yet.

I am looking

I am still looking other places and also I like some Ojar Ladys too.

First One that Moves in is the One that I Marry

Also has to be Tame/Nice NonAddicted, No Kids, Want Kids,Young,Fertile,

And some more stuff.

Re: Church Women are HOT ! ninja30: But Freckels, you have to know what you are looking for before you go on your hunt bud.  :-\
 Re: Church Women are HOT ! WhatWillItTake: i think he was pretty specific in what he wants.  unless you're being sarcastic.  then fine.  :)
 Re: Church Women are HOT ! Melbel: Freck,

I know you have put you want a woman with no kids but honestly at your age that is going to be hard to come by.  May I ask why you don't want her to have kids?

 Re: Church Women are HOT ! damagedgoods: Frec,

I don't know you, you do not know me. But the impression I get from your posts is that you are in the middle of some emotional turmoil. Have you talked with a therapist? I did and I read a book called "The Five Love Languages" both of which really helped me focus my thoughts and learn from my past.

Good Luck to ya.
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