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someone please tell me when

someone please tell me when daryl: When will the pain go away.This is almost like trying to quit an addictive drug.I seem to have this urge all day to contact her and work it out which i know is not possible but it is torment as this urge is there when i get up in the morning and when i go to bed at night and i am tryiing my best to move on but how can i when i think of my situation 24/7
jeff: I don't think the pain ever totally goes away just subsides to a dull ache over time. Till one day we forget about it.

 Balist: It takes time.

When you get those urges to contact her, make an arrangement to call a friend or family member. They will understand, trust me. And then reward yourself at the end of the day for getting through it.

Hope this works. Good luck and keep strong!
 daryl: [quote author=Lady J link=topic=50180.msg611749#msg611749 date=1195080520">
How long has it been daryl?

It did feel like withdrawing from an addiction for me too.

I thought some days I would go crazy as I kept the nocontact in place. But I took it one day at at time and with each success , I patted myself on the back.

Now I can go almost a whole day without a thought towards him. When I do have the thoughts, they normally don't even cause a twinge. Only very occasionally now do I feel emotional pain connected to him.

It has been about 10 months now and although the intense feelings have subsided,,i still feel very emotional and still think about this all the time.Some people say 6 months and some say 3 months.I just do not know what is wrong with me.I should have been able to move on by now.In some ways i have but i just have to see my child every weekend and have to see her at my ex home that i stayed in for 10 years with her.She does not allow me to leave the premises with the child ,so i go back every weekend and look at my home and the evidance of the partys and such lying around for me to see and i can do nothing as i was not a person to do the party thing in my home all the time when i was there.I just feel helpless when i am there annoyed and end up depressed during the week because of it until it is time for me to go back again.
 daryl: No we do not speak at all.She leaves the house before i get there at a certain time and comes back when  i am gone so there is no contact.

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