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Would you be able to date someone with Herpes?

Would you be able to date someone with Herpes? Am_I_Alone: I am just wondering if anyone would take the chance of being with someone who is infected please let me know.

I was Diagnosed with it at the age of 19 I am now 20. My boyfriend at the time did not tell me he had it and he more than likely received it from someone else while dating me. I guess I am just wondering if I still have a shot at finding someone.
seyfert: Wow.  That's tough.  I'm sure there are people who will run, but there are also those people who will stick around because they actually like you and who you are as a person.

 happyheart: that is a difficult question. im not sure i guess. im leaning more towards education of the diesese first......
 Alphabet Girl: There's another thread on this topic in this section if you want to check it out and see what the responses are. It was pretty long...
 WantToLiveAgain: We have discussed that here before. Roughly I would say more than half said they wouldn't, but there were a good portion of people that would.

I think you have to upfront and honest with all potentials partners.  I am sure you will lose partners from it. If they stay long enough then edjucate them about risks and realities of it. Someday you will find someone that understands and will be with you for you.

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