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Announcing this 'dealbreaker' so early on

Announcing this 'dealbreaker' so early on superwife: So we've read thread after thread about deal breakers: ours, other peoples and what we all think of them.  And considering none of us are 'experts' at lasting relationships :D, i always take them all with a grain of salt.

My friend (divorced) is dating a guy for a month now.  He was never married, but has a kid.  They lived together for a few years.  As per the guy (my friend told me), one of the reasons they never married is because she was financially irresponsible.  She has never worked, had no interest in working.  She is now going through a divorce, and through all the years, he has had to pick up the slack for the 'family' because (understandably) it affects his daughter.

So after only a month of dating, he has declared to my friend that  no matter how much money he makes, that he will never let his woman stay home while he supports her. 

Now we all have our own opinions on this, and a lot of how we feel (going forward) is reflectant on our past.  Ironically, my friend was married to someone who felt no reason for her to stay home after their baby... not only that, when their daughter was about 6 months old, he decided to quit his job, go to some computer training school, did nothing with the training, and was absolutely fine with his decision (because he was 'unhappy' in his former job).

I jsut think it is way too soon for him to be making these declarations.  Did he do this to test her?  Whose to say that they will ever even reach that point?  And of course, is my friend the same kind of person as his ex?

Freckles: I dont think Women should Work unless they want to

They should watch Soap Operas and eat Ice Creme and lay around

 jules2576: Just my opinion, but I don't see anything wrong with him making his feelings clear from the get go.  I will never again support a man.  I supported my ex 100% and put him through school.  I know not every man is my ex, but I won't do that again.  I'm sorry, that's just how I feel.  I also will never again date someone who isn't financially independent.  I don't see how it's any different for a man to feel that way about a woman.
 Sully: Well, I feel it is good to put big deal breakers out there up front.  Why keep dating if it is her dream in life to be a SAHM??  Why keep dating if one person wants 10 kids and the other never wants to have kids? 
 Zeke: Boy, what strikes me is how much of a dealbreaker his dealbreaker is likely to be...


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