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Adultery and Filing For Divorce

Adultery and Filing For Divorce TJJENN: I Am Wavering Back and Forth. This is The Second Affair My Husband Had On me Although He Says He Left To Be With Her But Did Not Have Intercourse Until He Moved Out. If i Go For a No Fault It Will Take 6 Months Waiting. I Do Not Wanna Smear His Name or Have a Nasty Fight. He Told Me Tonight He Cannot Pay Anything To Me For 4 weeks Cause of Bills He Has Due. So Now Im Thinking If I Get a Divorce On Adultery It Will get Over Quicker and The Child Support Will be Set Where He Cannot Get Out of It . He Wants To Agree On Stuff and Do Our Own Divorce ,But Im Scared Me and The Kids Will Come Out on The Short end of The Deal. Im Not a Hateful Or Vengeful Person I Just Want This Over With And Go On. Anyone Divorce On Adultry And How Long Did It Take To Get The Divorce and What Happens When You File ? He left Me Without a Job And I Have Not Contacted A Lawyer Because I Do Not Have The Money . Any Info On What To expect Or How To Start Things Would be Appreciated Thanks  
barelybreathing: As a paralegal myself, every state is different.  You will NOT be hateful or vengeful to do and request what is on the legal books for your rights.  As to the question of whether to go down the adultery road, again go meet with an attorney for an initial consultation, but it could very well take longer in the legal process if you allege adultery if you have to prove the  affair in court.  Also costly.  But you could recoop attorney's fees possibly if you do prove it, depending on what state you are in of course.  The most important thing for you is to decide is if it is that important for you to "drag" the legal process out or dump the SOB and get on with your life for happier times.  His affair is his demons, not yours.  He will reap what he sows.  But if you are hurting financially because he bailed on the marriage, by all means go and get what is rightfully entitled to you under the law.  Again, I am not an attorney, you need to see one to understand the full scope of your legal actions.  Many attorneys will not charge you a consultation fee, so call around and there are many legal services out there that will help assist you if money is an issue.....Good luck, and remember, getting away from the ugliness is the most important thing.....  

 Red_Fusion: Barelybreathing,

I work in the legal field too.  :)  Wish I knew more about family law though.  

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