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My husband likes another girl.

My husband likes another girl. bunny morgan: My story is just this. He says He loves me. He says He has no feelings inside. He says he's not being fair to me. He likes a girl. Can you beleive when I asked him to make a decision (because Im not going to be dragged) he was actually considering HER! I thought (WHat about "FORSAKING ALL OTHERS"?) We got married and have been married for almost (april 2) 3 years. within our 1-2 years together, he lied to me about millitary troubles. We worked out that sort of. I left him. It was the hardest thing that I've had to ever do. After about 2-3 months I just could not be with out him. So I came crawling, grovling back.told him and felt that i was never going to leave him like that again. I was going to prove to him, and myself I can make this marrage work. (I've had previous abandonment issues, therfore Im always pushing away good things) Then it began. Turns out he had started dealling dope, taking xanex, and treated me like crap. I thought its because I crushed him when I left. Finally I had enough. And just when I had givin up on him, here he comes, the old man, the one I had married. So he was himself and came clean on his xanex addiction. He said that was the reason he was treating me so bad. So I made him promise to never take them again. he agreed. Then we started a sort of new life. He didn't live with me. HE had his own apartment and still sellin dope. He said he would quit in a little while (no specific date) So almost a year goes by with this continued waitting on my part to see him when he could come over. I have no freinds. I stay at home with my children. I have nothing eles but him. Then theres this girl at his house. hangs out there allot. Of course with the things like they are, im always insecure, jeolus, sad and lonley. Im sticking it out for maybe another year because he is going to college to become a fireman. My cousin who buys pot from my husband go there one day and sees him sitting right next to her. She calls me to tell me what she sees. I get mad as heck. HE TELLS ME HE HARDLY KNOWS HER AND THAT HIS ROOMATE LIKES HER. I TOLD HIM THAT I HATED HER. know I dont know her at all. she older than me and has not kids. AND SHE GETS TO SEE MY HUSBAND WHILE IM AT HOME SUFFERING ALONE WANTING HIM TO BE WITH ME. ok. so i finally calm myself down. I try not to worry about it because after all My husbands ex-girlfreind cheated on him all over the place and he found out by all his freinds, he was "devestated" heart broken. He was an avide NON-CHEATER he said. since that happened to him, he swore he never has never will. What a lier huh? anyways lately hes been removed allmost totally, i sart freaking out again, hes getting angry with me, utimatlly not caring about my needs or wants. If i make a demand, oh Im just crazy. well i thought id go about it another way because he helped me. He said it was somthing he was (or wasn't feeling) so I told him I loved him over and over and told him that i understood the stress and everything. The things I wrote at the very beggining are whats going on right now, and how he "feels" . I just qiut smoking ciggeretts three weeks ago. I feel like having one right now, if it weren't for my kids (from previous relationships) I just don't know what i should do. He kissed he. I told him that he needed to be with me. Move out of his house and move in with me, and not to see that girl again. (he says shes leaving in like a week) but still does that matter? To me no, I don't know what to do . he says he confused. Someone, please tell me what you think about all this, in fact everybody, I don't have anyone eles. NO ONE ELES. please give me feed back. I feel I'v been giving him the benifit of the doubt for too long, i've been so "understanding" i know no onw is perfact and we are always going to make mistakes but come on. what about me?
Runehawk: bunny_m: I'm sorry for your pain, and the hurt that drove you to this site must be immense. I understand when you say you have nobody else to talk to: neither do I, but posting on boards like ojar is a great means of connecting with people who are going through similar difficulties.

Of course he's confused, and so are you. I'm not one to go to for advice, but if I had any to give, I'd suggest calming down, breathing, and taking the "long view" - you know deep inside yourself what the right next course of action is, even if you need to take a little time for yourself to hear it. - r


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