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Ojar in New York!?!

Ojar in New York!?! Hope2LuvAgain: Hi all,

Figured I'd might as well put this out there, although I seem to be the only divorcee in NY! ;D

I live in White Plains, its a small city in Westchester County..about 40 minutes north of the great NYC!!

Think of me as your "welcome wagon" to this wonderful community on Ojar!

ginkel: Hi.  I'm in Upstate and I am getting ready to filefor divorce, but have had some emotional and financial set backs.  Every time I start to get ahead, he comes back and begs me back. Up until this point, I have said okay, but now that I am getting strong, he is getting nastier and nastier.  He sent me pornography of him and 2 strippers yesterday. The law enforcement officials don't really do mucf to punish him rather tahn slap his hand.  Does it get easier?  Will he leave me alone?  This doesn't make sice to me as he has cheated on me for 5 years and now has a 21 year old gilr pregnant due in June.

 Hope2LuvAgain: Hi Ginkel,  Sorry you have to be here but there are so many here that offer such good advice or are great sounding boards..and at different stages of the process..

yes, it does get better..absolutely..but every situation is different..I was fortunate ,I guess, that my ex was never nasty..not truthful and hurtful in other ways but never nasty..but stay strong and true to you..Always think of you first..and be extra good to yourself during this very difficutl time.

reach out when ever you need..

 tk771: Hey guys ...letting you know your NOT alone in New York....I live on the Island in suffolk county..... :D
 Hope2LuvAgain: Hi tk771! Good to know i'm not you're an island boy...I can only range how far you are by the number exit off the LIE (pretty pathetic, right?) ::)

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