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can there be a relationship with out physical attraction?

can there be a relationship with out physical attraction? lvaughn24: Ok there is this guy whose been in love with me since high school. When he found out my hubby and I split he started hanging around alot. He would buy me things and tell me how prtty and great i am. He knows everything that im going through and talks to me about it. Recently he told me hes still in love with me we never dated or anything.Always been very good friends hes incredible but im not at all physically attracted to him, but i love the way he treats me. Im curious can there be a realtionship with no physical attraction? I dont think there can be, and im wondering if anyone has any advice should I try to give him a chance or tell him the truth now so he doesnt get to hurt?
Dino: That's a tough one. If you have known him for such a long time and never been attracted to him then I would think you never will be.
It would be nice to give him a chance and see what happens, but you might end up hurting him more if he does get to be with you, only to lose you again. Yeah, maybe you should try telling him the truth. Maybe he would risk getting hurt just to see how it would go.
Definately a tricky one.

 lvaughn24: I forgot to mention hes 38 and im 24 that kind of creeps me out. I didnt meet him till i was a senior and 18. Hes not some creepy old guy that goes after young girls.
 sahnja: alright, i'll take a stand.
i'm going through couples counseling but know it's going to end in divorce.
he's great in every way but i'm not physically attracted to him. when i say physical attraction, i don't mean he's not attractive. he is very good-looking. but he doesn't ignite passion in me.
someone else on this site told me she married like i did - a nice guy - figuring she'd fall in love. doesn't happen. either it's there and you work around the other stuff or it's not there - and you can't make it magically appear.
just my experience.
 sheydp: Hmmm, until you said the age thing I would have said wait and see... Most physical attraction is in our mind initially, but with good, open, and frank conversation the body can provide... (hence phone sex...) However, although I don't think he's a sicko or even that the age difference should be a barrier (my 25 year old neice is very happy dating a 36 year old) I do think if you are a bit creeped out there is probably a reason... Maybe it is because there are other differences than age? Maybe because he independently creeps you a bit? Follow your instincts, don't lead him on. Once you are over your divorce and able to look around a bit more, maybe he will be more appealing. If not, better not to have encouraged him now...

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