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GYM = STRENGTH constantine: it will make you feel stronger and develop confidence in yourself.

i strongly recommend golds gym (serious fitness) vs ballys (meat market).

if anyone needs a free pass, contact me.
newman4ever: Couldn't agree more. I joined Gold's about 1 month after my wife asked for the divorce and it's been a godsend. Got myself in the best shape of my life, worked off a ton of stress, lost a buttload of fat and made alot of great friends in the process.

Not to mention that I also managed to meet alot of beautiful women there. It's not nearly the meat market that Bally's is, but still a very nice social outlet. I met my current girlfriend there and we work out together regularly. It's very nice.

If you have the means to join a gym, it will DEFINATELY help speed your recovery process in one way or another.

 Bob-Bob: I actually go to powerhouse gym... more of a serious fitness place than a meat market... also

 constantine: about two weeks ago, i brought my cd player to the gym, and started getting all pumped up from the music...

yeah...on my second guessed it :o ::)

300lbs never sounded so angry as they do when they're bouncing off the ground from about 3 feet airborne :-\

wound up with a knot in my chest :( couldn't do a pushup or even bench the bar (with no weights) until today :'(

moral of this reply: dont go crazy
 tailizi: I agree with you! I signed up at the martial arts gym for kickboxing. There's nothing better than a full tilt workout to make you feel great!! ;D


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