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How to move on from a lost love

How to move on from a lost love Bella-Formosa: No matter how beautiful, successful, sexy, intelligent, gifted and sexually charge a women can be  there is always a tinge of madness and delusion when it comes to an idealized notion of past loves or loves  lost. I loath clich s but this one is true the grass is always greener  We tend to forget that sex and passion, romance etc. is wonderful but that love, real love is hard work. Sometimes I fell like I m dying, imagining how enchanted my life would be had I chosen to live my life with the man I still cannot get over at times. He has become a kind of ideal. I have to fight it. Sometimes reverting to the thought of an old love is way of self-destructing and ignoring those serendipitous things that life is made off because we choose to remain focused on something that is lifeless. It is normal to long for that person but to become obsessed and not pursue other interests, people or explore yourself is a pity. Listen to music by Nina Simone drink Pinot Noir get it out of your systems maybe you should call him/her...tell them how you feel . that you love him/her liberate the romantic person that aches in you maybe they will respond with as much madness and love perhaps you ll be to beat it either way it s a step closer to closure. Go out with a band. Then pack your bags take a vacation, go to Paris . Brazil or where ever you have always wanted to go learn to scuba dive and dance salsa  (insert the thing you love to do) reconnect with friends and family get busy you are alive and have a heart, you can love you will love again. You are a lover and not a vandal and for this rejoice you will never forget how to love.
vickydot: I know what you mean. I have been married 23 years and have an 18 year old daughter and my husband tells me he needs to find out what he wants out of life. He needs to move out to find that. When I ask if there is someone else, he says no, it would be easier if there was. Shortly after we find out there is, shortly after that he decides to move out. I find out he is living with her. She doesn't have half my looks, intelligence, energy and she is a drunk.
He tells me he knows he made a mistake and wants to do whatever it would take to get back home. He has an apartment and says he just can't throw her out - she has no where to go, doesn't have a job, etc. She has left her two children (what kind of a woman is this) and what kind of man would want that?

I feel lonely and lost. Help

 heartbroken4: vickydot:

i really feel for you situation. I could not imagine being married that long and have to face what your facing. Marriage is so hard and from experience maybe your h felt as though this woman did not require much of him and maybe that felt good to him, that still does not justify his selfishness. As far as you being far more than this ow; it breaks down like this, going along with no requirements for him she is lower than you which makes the situation be okay. I hope I am making sense. I just went through the same thing as far as my x being with someone who is no where near me; and for me to just feel better it was explained to me that they feel extremely guilty for what they have done and could not be with someone who wanted much out of them, they need someone with low expectations and thats what I think happened in your situation.
I know it does not make the hurt go away but I hope I helped maybe make a little sense of it.

I loved reading your post. WOW...I felt what you wrote. It is so hard being anywhere near my x or hearing his voice sometimes. I miss him so much and wish I could just have one moment of love with him. But I try not to think about that or feel sorry for myself. I want to love someone but not yet. I am not ready to even begin to love someone else........its so hard.


 badperson_failure: its impossible to me to want to move on from a love i lost

bc for me it isnt delusion at all or madness and there is no truth in fighting the fact that he is and should be an ideal for all males and human beings

he was of such sound character and pure and perfect in all ways

his only flaw was loving me unconditionally and allowing himself to be hurt

literally his only flaw


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