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SENDING LOVE JBH1970: Well it is getting close to bed time for me here in Memphis, TN. I just wanted everyone to know that there will be a prayer said tonight on your behalf. May the GOD OF PEACE wrap his loving arms around you and reveal his love for you. May he sustain you during your recovery and bring you to a place of contentment and joy in his perfect timing.


JASPER: And may  THE Lord bless you also JBH!

 justmenow: Amen.  :)
 bendeceived2003: I just started DivorceCare at church and they talk about how the "two shall become as one" and divorce is so painful becuase that One flesh is ripped into two pieces again, eaching having little parts of the other still attached to it.......

How does anyone get through this without the Lord?  I am so glad I have Him...

Good night all-God bless

 itwillgetbetter: Thanks for the prayer JBH.  I am sure we can all use all the extra prayer we can get.

I think Bend's analogy was a good one because I definitely feel ripped to pieces.  Now why doesn't my s2bx feel that way?

I will say a prayer of thanks for all of you helping me thru this and a prayer to help all of you get thru this too.

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