Mediator vs. Lawyers?? Advice?

Mediator vs. Lawyers?? Advice? clb: Does anyone have any advice about whether or not to go through a lawyer or through a mediator? I know the mediator tends to be cheaper, but are there any disadvantages?
My husband is the one who wants the divorce. So far he has not made any steps to pursue the actual divorce. The only step he has made is to contact a realtor to put our house up for sale. He keeps telling me to go to the lawyer and he will agree to whatever. I have been holding my ground and saying if you want it you go. But, I am curious if there would be any disadvantages to going to a mediator. There are no children involved, thankfully. Only assests to be divided. He makes more than double my income, if that plays into anything.
Re:Mediator vs. Lawyers?? Advice? sheydp: If you have a legal aid office where you are, check with them. They might be able to give you some free legal advice - even act as your lawyer for free depending on what happens... Good Luck!!!
 Re:Mediator vs. Lawyers?? Advice? ambergem: Mediators are great if there is a lot of contested stuff to deal with. So if your financial situation is going to be difficult to untangle and will require a lot of back and forth then a mediator is better because it won't cost as much to come to an agreement...mostly because you are face to face and not going through lawyers.

Whether or not he has to pay spousal support (alimony) depends on you and what you want and what he's willing to do - again a mediator could help.

As a general rule, the mediator will charge for meetings, and time to draw up the agreement. Once this is done you will have to ask your lawyer to review the agreement to make sure you have covered all the issues and are protected (or at least know and agree to something you might be entitled to, but are giving up).

Good luck!
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