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Why are men so selfish,

Why are men so selfish, unikgrl: Well dont take this personal men but a majority of you guys are selfish, But please any advice would greatly help I know I should leave him but dont know how. I see I first registered back in May 2004 and I havent checked since then welll since then a lot has happened my boyfriend well ex boyfriend could end up going to jail for a long time for fraus with computers well he got us in a big mess our apartment got raided he has to do all kinds of testing for drugs was on home monitor well recently he got a new cellphone so i went in the computer and looked at his call longs and what do you know he still calling her I was so pissed off that I didint care anymore I just wanted him out of my life, well me being the big idiot knowing that hes never going to change take him back well a couple of days later the cops pick him up for a dirty drug test and its off to jail he goes well the judje thought he needed some kind of help dealing with his drug habbit, so they released him to a drug rehab and he likes it I myself can see a change in what kind of person he used to be but i guess he had everyone else fooled just like he did me. Well yesterday I was suppose to go see him at 300pm but my dad needed to use my car so I didnt have a car so I called his parents and asked if I could go with them they said cool, so i was already going to go early and he had no idea, so we get there right and who is signing out while im signing in thats right the girl who has caused me so much pain who has caused so many problems the one I cant stand yep thats right her he lied to my face so many times I just cant believe him how could he do this to me why would he do this to me he says she was seeing him because they needed closure, i am just so hurt right now because he did this what do i do how can i forget him? Please help me !!!!!
teacherwriterguy: Oh boy - when it rains it pours :( So much bad news in one e-mail. Nobody ought to have to put up with that much garbage.

Closure starts with you. Make that break - if this guy has even half the problems you've talked about, he's no good for anybody at all. If only, if only we could rescue people, but so often they need to rescue themselves. Keep yourself safe.


 Chase: Hi unikgrl,

I don't know what to say to that. It sucks, and it's not fair. I'm sorry! I don't think we're all selfish... well, maybe we're all selfish some of the time, but hopefully lots of us find a reasonable balance.

You seem to have worked this man out though, and I hope you can find the strength inside you to put all he has done behind you and move on.

 ukchap: Hey Everyone

I wish some people would get past the selfish Men / Women thing !

Selfishness is not gender specific !

There are good Men and there are good Women ..
and then there are the leavers / cheaters / chancers / abusers etc etc etc ...

I find it offensive to be grouped in with the latter list above.

My soon to be ex Wife was an abuser a cheater and utterly selfish ..

However I do not think that just because she was selfish all other women are going to be the same.

if you don't take this on board then you are doomed to be alone and very bitter.

UK Chap


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