Do all Women Cheat??

Do all Women Cheat?? Bubba: Are there women who know how to actually not cheat? Seriously, I have had it. I am at the point of if you can't beat them join them. The one girl whom a broke up with a few weeks back, I just found out the month before we broke up, had been talking to her ex-boyfriend. The day after we broke up, she started to date him again. So my question is can women actually be faithful or shall I just assume they cheat and do it to them first?
Re:Do all Women Cheat?? Beren: Let's put it this way. If you start down that path, and then you run into a woman whose ethics are in line with what yours used to be, it's gonna really suck when she rejects you because she doesn't believe she can trust you, given your new behavior. Unless, of course, you don't have problems not disclosing it.

Grizzly Beren
 Re:Do all Women Cheat?? JimB: I dunno. Is cheating fun?

Seriously, I don't think anyone cheats because it's fun - I think they cheat because they have issues. The one who went back to the ex was probably conflicted about being with you because she really wanted to be with the ex. Which sucks, dude, but not everyone is as fortunate as you and I in terms of the lack of conflict in our lives.

So what issues do you have (other than KFC addiction) that would make you want to cheat? ;D
 Re:Do all Women Cheat?? Shanna: I am not a cheater....PERIOD.

Okay you say she "talked" to the ex boyfriend bf you broke what way...did they TALK TALK like about them and how they want to be together again kind of thing or are they just still friends?

I don't talk to any of my ex's except STBXH and that is bc of the kids. But say if I ran into my ex high school boyfriend I wouldn't be rude to him or anything I would TALK to him. If he called I would be nice. But there are no chances of a gee we could be great together. question was do all women cheat...well Idon't so NO all women don't cheat. :P

 Re:Do all Women Cheat?? ChristyM: You know the answer to this. I do think some women are more prone to it than others obviously. I can't even DATE two guys at once, let alone contemplate cheating on a boyfriend. Don't become jaded Bubba.

*Maybe she thought about (or actually did) cheat because you needed to lose a few pounds and weren't dead sexy to her anymore ;)
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