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A little ray of sunshine....

A little ray of sunshine.... cadillacjack: Well hello again fellow love casualties, I have been lurking and reading and in most cases, the same sad stories. I haven't posted for awhile and almost stopped coming here due to the pain I see. Although I understand the anguish most of you write about, I can't do much to alleviate it BUT I am here to tell about one bright spot.

I became interested in one persons postings and was reading them regularly. She writes clear and concise and with much insight. She has even posted to my own ramblings. I PM'd her about 2 weeks ago, then we started chatting through MSN. After me daring her, she phoned me last night. I was blown away. It was truly the highlight of my week.

I would like to thank her publicly, and show that once again this board is the best. I know that she and I will continue to talk and hopefully become even better friends. I told her that I plan on travelling later this year and we should meet, she likes that idea... :D

Alas she has asked me to keep her anonymous, but she is reading and I'll leave it up to her to leave clues if she chooses. Just thought I'd share a couple of happy notes with ya' all.


soTiredOfHurting: Hot dog!! There is hope out there after all. Now I just need to get out of this valley. LOL. Congrats. I am finding friends to be invaluable through this, and one that can empathize with what you are going through is even better.

 CPmommy: Well, CJ, GOOD FOR YOU! That is awesome news!

Thanks for sharing!

 drmmr67: Congrats, CJ! See, there's rhome & reason to all this madness, huh?! :)

And speaking of valleys, SToH, here's some "food" for thought: a very bubbly friend of mine, not well-known for deep thoughts, surprised me with this one the other day -she said, "just remember, the valley is where the food grows." You gotta eat, right? So I say, replenish yourself with food from the valley and the view from the mountaintop will be that much sweeter when you get there!

Bon appetit, y'all!

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