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How can people just stop loving

How can people just stop loving justme15: How do men and women just stop loving their partner? For my story I was sick are you not suppose to stand by that person not run?
My husband is being selfish when it comes to our marriage. He whats the cop out instead of helping. What can a person do to make them understand what they really losing? Our childern are at the point of just telling him to go to hell. I support him and tell them that is not what they should do. They should love him just as much as he does them. But they see the butt he is being.
He says this has nothing to do with them. They should have no feelings about it. I don't agree with it.
I am right to feel that way? confused :(
Dino: i wish i knew the answer to that. maybe i could do it myself. at least i would understand how my ex could leave me so quickly and hook up with someone else.
if someone is going to realise what they have lost, they have to see it themselves. you cant make them see. they might be in the frame of mind where they think they are better off. who knows.

i think the best thing to do is try to do as well as you can on your own. be strong for yourself so you dont need him. if he sees anything it will be your strength of character and independancy. that may open his eyes.
in times like this, you can feel whatever you want. there is no right and wrong way to feel.
wish i could help more
take care

 justme15: thanks dino it does help a lot. What I let the kids come to their own state of mind?
 Dino: sorry, i have no idea what to do with kids. he should know regardless of what he tells the kids, that they are going to be upset over their parents breakup.
 justme15: yes you would think that. He doesn't seem to care that they broken hearted and being ripped apart. He just wants them to be kids when they are teens and are very smart they see what he is doing

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