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Older Guy bettyboop: I like this guy down at my work his older then me by 17 years which I don't really care about becasue age shouldn't matter. The problem is he has a litte bit of a problem with it. I know that he likes me too. Has anyone else ever gone thru this or not. I was just wonder and wanting some input. :)
kissingkim: My ex was 16 years older than me and I didn't feel the difference at first. Until he would be with my parents and they could remember the same television shows, heck, getting their first color tv's. LOL Little things that they had in common that became much clearer as the years went on. Then I started to realize how much of my generation he wasn't aware of. I watched Star wars as a child, he had taken his first child to see it.....didn't know what the breakfast club was......"Wax on, wax off" was beyond him......
So it was little things that I felt didn't matter at the time. They never really did, but they were there. It is nice to have some history together. Love is what it is, and I don't think age has much to do with it. It probably is harder for him to handle, it bothered my ex much more in the later years of our marriage than it did me.

 bettyboop: Thank you, kissingkim. I do know what you mean because when I was one he had just graduated from hogh school. The strange thing is that I feel like I have known him for awhile. I also watched star wars as a child. His daughters' are twins they will be 14 here soon. I also have two children 9 and 6. I love how he makes me feel. my ex husband and ex b/f didn't ever have this kind of affect on me. I have had problems with the guys my own age. Thanks again
 Shanna: My SO is 8 years older than me....and neither of us have a problem with mom has mentioned something about it once....but wasn't too negative.
 in_search_of: My SO is 10 years older that me, and no one thinks any thing about it, my dad says he is a much better fit for me than my ex, because well, he is and my ex and I were basically the same age.

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