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Am I doing right thing

Am I doing right thing justme15: Every time me and husband talk he never wants to see my side. He doesn't want help meaning won't do counseling or anything like that. He gets mad at every little thing I say. He won't even listen about how our kids feel about what is going on. Bt the way they are teens so that will explain Well the other day got tried of fighting and him not listening or anything else. So I wrote him an email told him that I would not call or write him anymore. That it felt he was not supporting me or kids. And it seemed that he was going to do whatever he wanted without regrad for us. Also he only wants to see his pain and what he wants. Don't get me wrong here I don't know if things will work out or not but why not try together to see instead of fighting all the time. Anyway quetion is did I do the right thing in the email? Telling him that when he wanted to talk I would be here and untill then and wanted him to do the same. Funny thing here also is that the day after I wrote this email he calls and wanted to play the nice
CoryL: Sounds like you are trying to put forth an effort and he isn't.

The email was fine. I wouldn't worry about it. Try not to contact him unless you have to (kids, legalities, etc.) and leave it at that. If he is willing to talk, he will come to you, since you laid it out for him.

Stay strong with this one, it'll be tough.

Keep your head up.


 justme15: thanks cory I am tring to do that for me and the kids. It is very tuff to do though.
He dosn't make it easy though. When I have to call him at times for him to call his own kids. But I will be strong and as honest with him as I can.
 rcmorrison: Hi Justme15,

I know how you feel. My husband of 2-months doesn't want to speak with me at all. He states that my voice remind him of times that we enjoyed together. We're getting divorced soon, but I still love him very much. I try not to call or write and when I do write him, it's only in an email...he rarely responds back.

He wanted to be married in the beginning, then after 2-months, he decided that he made a mistake and sent me back to Texas under false pretenses. I was going home to complete some unfinished business left from my first marriage.

My husband is 16yrs older than myself and has been married twice, both marriages were marriages of obligation because children were involved. I am his third wife and we have no children in this union.

We've known each other for years and I felt connected to him and still do, but he felt that he made a mistake and won't discuss the reasons for divorcing me.

I got divorce papers in the mail prior to Christmas...that's how I knew about the divorce and when I called to speak with him about it, he hung up on me and now he doesn't want to speak to me.

I've went through all the stages of grief and I'm at acceptance. I've accepted my loss and have begun to move on with my life. From time to time, I get a phone call from a private number, but no message and I know it's him trying to reach me, but not man enough to speak to me.

I prayed to God that our situation changes and we find the love that was good and wonderful, but as time goes on, I feel my heart's slowly healing and I can live again.

I know it's hard on you and your children, but pray about it and give it to God. God knows what's best for us all. I will pray for you as well.
 justme15: Thank you RC for your prayers every little bit helps. We had a great marriage untill the depression hit. Of course did not know that at first. But now that I have gotten help he says he gives up. I don't know how to get him to understand and why he can't stand behind me like I have for him over the years. God will tell me what I need to know. Matter of fact he has but he needs to help him right now. That is why I pray for him more and for our family.

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