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Ex- gets married, does my child support go down?

Ex- gets married, does my child support go down? trafficmp: Hey all,

Well, I am new here and this is my first official post this evening.

Here is the skinny:

I found out through the grapevine that my ex-spouse just got married today. Her new hubby makes about 31k a year. In WA this is not reportable as income but the law says that it must be disclosed. Does the judge take this into account and should I roll the dice taking this to trial? Any advice?

RecoveringinDE: I'm not sure about the law in your state, but I can't imagine why the child support would be lowered. Primarily because you are the parent, not the Step... I know that Alimony should go away if ex gets married if they are the one receiving.

 kissingkim: Your child support payments have nothing to do with if she is married or not. YOur child is still your child, that doesn't change.
When my mom took my dad to court years ago, the court looked at his and my step mother's income to calculate support that would go to my mother. They did NOT look at my step dad's. SEemed quite unfair for my father, but that is the way it was. If they go by the non custodial parents tax returns, it could still go that way. But I have never heard of child support being reduced because of a custodial parent remarrying.
 ChrisJane: In most states marriage won't reduce child support, BUT if they have a child together then YES child support will be caluclated with ex then having another dependent to care for.
 caringmom: In Ohio, an ex getting married and the spouse having an income has nothing to do with the support you pay for your child. That child is yours and you are responsible for providing support for that child. I'm sorry, but in Ohio they would laugh you out of court if you came in wanting to lower your support payments. The only thing getting married affects is alimony. Sorry Eric, but keep paying that support. Your child is worth more than any amount of money you give.

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