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I HATE MEN!!!!!!!!

I HATE MEN!!!!!!!! Jennicole: ok so i dont hate all men, but i am pretty frustrated right now. i went to pepboys on my lunch break, to get oil & filter because i need to change the oil in my car. so im walking through and this guy asks me if i need any help. i tell him no, that im just getting stuff to change the oil in my car. he LAUGHS and then says dont you mean so your husband can do it? maybe he said it just joking around, but in my pregnant state, i was furious!! so i told him, no i am going to do it! just because i am a woman does not mean i cant do it. i can do anything and everything you can do. your d!ck is not some 'superman cape' just because its there does not make you better than me. it does not mean you can do things that i cant. called him some more choice words and left. maybe i overreacted a tad bit, but i was mad. no i am not a man hating feminist(although that is my subject ;)) i just grew up with a father that told me i was automatically a second class citizen. i have spent my whole life disproving that. i have worked out in the field doing electrical work, 12 hour days, while my male counterparts were going home because they were tired. everything any man in my life has told me i could not do because of my gender, i have done. dont look at me and tell me i am weaker, that i cant do something because i am female. to all the men who are chauvanistic pigs, FCUK YOU. i can do anything you do given the chance to learn. and i can give birth! whos the weaker gender now?!?!?!!?
Phyxius: Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel...

 Jennicole: you want some too phyx? ;)
 Phyxius: I'd rather stick my hand in a meat-slicer.
 Jennicole: good answer. i think we reviewed pregnancy etiquite before. :P

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