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anyone in similiar situation?

anyone in similiar situation? rhismom: Divorcing after 17 years together--married 11 1/2 of those. I've been a SAHM to our kids for the past 8 years. Divorcing due to spouse having an affair plus years of emotional abuse.
I have no job. Am having to move myself and my 2 kids back into my mom's house temporarily while I try to find and get settled into a job. This means we are moving to another state and kids switching schools. Not only am I humiliated at the thought of having to "go back home" to my mom's, I'm scared sh**less that I won't be able to find a halfway decent job since I do not have a college degree in anything.
I'm hoping that with the money I come out of the divorce with I can maybe buy a mobile home (not enough to even come close to buying a house!). Is there anyone out there who is/was in a similiar situation? If so, what kind of jobs did you find? How'd you pay the bills? What kind of things did you have to give up? I'm terrified I can't make it on a $7 per hour job (and that's if I'm lucky!). The soon-to-be-ex just got laid off so unless he gets a job real soon, the child support will suck for a while.

I'd appreciate any tips or advice and hearing any success stories! THX!
lookin4alite: Hi,
I am mostly here to say Welcome to Ojar, you have come to the right place for emotional support. Basically you will have to start from scratch. I understand all of your pride pains. Bad news is you must put that aside. You have very little time to focus on that. Where would I find a job having no degree. I would seek out the healthcare industry. You can get a decent paying job at any hospital or home care visit company. It will pay $6-8 an hour. Hopefully Mom can help with childcare as I would hope your children are school age. Good thing about hospital is the ability to work odd hours. Nursing is an excellent career. You can find a local votech program and get your LPN (licensed practical nurse) with 10 - 12 months. It will raise your pay well into $14-16/hour and with a few years of that you may be ready for a RN certification. That would push your pay higher. The reality though is that nursing is one of the hardest jobs there is, but if your aptitude is right it can happen. It all starts with you and a positive attitude.

Take Care

God, I should be an Army Recruiter, "Be all that you can be .. in the Army"

 Chase: Nice one lite... but rhismom - Don't join the army! (LOL)

 lookin4alite: No PUHLEEZE DON"T join the ARMY. but oddly they do offer a nursing track through the Army Reserves. But you got kids, it might not be the best option.

whoa, I gotta stop this.

 rhismom: Thanks for the tips guys! Nursing did occur to me but I really don't think I'm nurse material. I'm interested in maybe going into an occupational therapist assistant program, but the closest one will be over 2 hours away and don't know how I'd be able to do it while having to work full time w/ 2 kids (nevermind how the heck I'd pay for it!) It's something I'm keeping in mind though for sure. There's a fair amount of industry in the city I'm moving to, so surely something will become available to me. And at least most of those places offer insurance and benefits.

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