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Indecision, I HAte it !!1

Indecision, I HAte it !!1 JHCD: i hav been together with this girl twice now and booth times i hav dumped her shortly after we hav got togther and ive been a real asshole about it, but now i like her again and i know it will work this time cause i just realised i LUV her, we kissed again this weekend and she acted as if we were togther but she just says she did it because she was drunk but i dont want to belive her how should i tell her that it will work and because i luv her
How is she doing? Is she happy now? Is she seeing someone?

 JHCD: no shes not with any1 and she does like me but she doesnt want to get hurt again
Sounds pretty different from the rest of the stories here. Make sure what you want, bud, because it won't be fair to her otherwise. Poor girl does have a heart...

Good luck to the both of you!
 Cizzler: Do you really want her? or is it simply the thrill of the chase that you love. Sounds like you have been very unfair in the past, so how can you blame her for having doubts.

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