I need a new hobby...ideas?

I need a new hobby...ideas? hollygolightly: And don't say "find something you enjoy doing." The things I enjoy doing are either solitary things (reading, shopping, gardening) or too girly (scrapbooking, crafts). I want to find something that will force me to meet and interact with people. At 34, ALL of my friends are married and have kids, and while they are great friends, they are busy with their families.

I just need SOMETHING TO DO!!! I'm just dreading spring break and summer vacation (I'm a teacher). Usually I just lay out/swim/read by the pool until my husband came home then we'd eat, watch tv or something - I LOVED the carefree, relaxing lifestyle. Now that I'm heartbroken and alone, I just know I'm too restless to spend my hours poolside.

I would like to find something co-ed. Not ready to date or anything, but being a teacher there are ZERO men where I work...I want to take baby steps and just learn to interact with men again. Not really interested in joining a gym - did that in my twenties - total meat market scene.

So, basically, I want to hear some of the things all of you do...any interesting hobbies I may not have considered? Thanks...
Re:I need a new hobby...ideas? lemondrop: Hi Holly,

I joined a photography club - and I love it - but there are no single people there (only old dudes) but it's great to see the photos being discussed (because I love it). : )

I've also been bugging my married girlfriends to go skiing with me and that's been a blast...

If you like the outdoors - try checkng on line for outdoor camping groups/whitewater rafting tours/etc...

Also, I work with a woman who takes scrapbooking classes too and she loves it... check on line for the things you like (sorry it's a cliche) but chances are you can find something that matches your interest level... even if you don't meet a guy, you might just find that the hobby is more fun than you imagined at first...

Good luck,
 Re:I need a new hobby...ideas? browngreen: Wow, you need a hobby-- want to borrow some of mine?
Sometimes I think I have too much going on.

I will say that for me, as a starting point, I think about the things I've always wanted to do. Even if they are grandiose.
Like exploring the world the way Jacques Cousteau did.
or being an archaeologist, or how cool it would be to be a famous painter, or well known singer/songwriter. Someday, for instance, I want to write a book. Or be published somehow.
So, throughout my life, I take small steps towards those goals.
At present, I sew because this summer I'm going to sell Scrubs and Pj's at the Farmer's market when I'm in town. I'm taking SCUBA diving (I'm the only woman in the class of 12), and I do some intermediate rockclimbing at the rock garden (it's wintere here now).
I swim in my spare time to get into shape for the SCUBA fitness test, and I also hike a good bit-- being outdoors, fresh air, exercise, really helps my mind and spirit to feeling goodly!
Also, I've always thought having a dangerous sort of job would be adventuroius, and I've applied to fight forest fires this summer. I have to pass another test for that as well, so I'm preparing to do that as well.
In my area there are organized groups of hikers that go out every week together.
I took a low fat cooking class a while back, and learned how to cook things like "broccamole"-- guacamole made from boiled broccoli stems-- very good and low fat.
Also, yoga is a relaxing thing to get involved with.
Or volunteering at United Blood Services, or Big Brothers, or the hospital, or whatever suits ya.
But mostly, I like to feel like I"m wrking towards becoming even one step closer to realizing a dream I've had-- and I mean the really good day dreamy dreams...
For a while I also did singing in a choir. I never did become a reknowned singer/songwriter, but it felt good to be singing anyway! And I did learn about a songwriting club, and get info on a recording studio that will help you record your own music.
I hope that helps.


 Re:I need a new hobby...ideas? tyrogers: I love to read. That is my major hobby. I can go anywhere, be anyone, see anything.......and not have to deal with my everyday life every now and then.

Just an idea.........


 Re:I need a new hobby...ideas? ChristyM: Here a few that have worked for me:

*Join a book club
*Hang out at Barnes and Nobles or Borders
*Go to the library
*Take a class
*Join the Y (usually not as many gym rats)
*Take dance lessons
*Volunteer your time somewhere
*Go to church
*Get involved in a "sport" -- something like Tae Kwan Do (sp?) or maybe a self-defense class

I didn't use these to pick up guys, but you will at least be put in a position to be around them. The rest is up to you ...

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