Lies in court

Lies in court daretobehonest: He lies in court and gets away with it. How can a judge rule on anything without anything to back up what he says, especially when young children are involved?
Re:Lies in court lemondrop: Sorry you're going through this.

Does he have a lawyer? If so, his lawyer is probably instructing in him in what to say. My ex put lies into writing based on the advice of his lawyer.

I think it's just what they do to limit their liability.

Again - sorry you are going through this.

Hugs to you,
 Re:Lies in court outpost: hi, i feel your pain. I am to going through the same thing. My ex put lies on paper when he filed for custody. I have been a stay at home mom for eight years. when we seperated. when he could no longer control me. Now he was going to try through the kids. He put in the papers all lies. The judge did not ask me if any of them were true. I also did not have a lawyer at the time. In a matter of 10 minutes the judge said the children will go week to week until he makes a decision. We are now starting our 3rd year in court. I have asked the same question. I have never gotten an answer. Good Luck!!
 Re:Lies in court Susie Q: You all need to start reading up on all the legal information that is out there, FOR FREE, pertaining to your respective States. Wow! If you don't have a lawyer than you are basically defending yourself. You need to ensure that the judge knows this. Next, find out your rights and DO NOT let your spouse walk all over you in there, speak up. If you do something wrong the judge will definitely let you know it, but you have to speak up for yourself.

If you KNOW and can PROVE that your husband's are telling lies in the courtroom... that is perjury! It is punishable by fine and/or prison time, if not mistaken. And if he, or his lawyer, have filed false documents in a court, that is illegal also!! You must stand up for yourself and tell the judge they are telling lies AND that you can prove it! (if you can prove it.) If you don't you just may not get sh*t... and you could also possibly lose your children! It happens every single day, to mothers and fathers both!

I really don't mean to sound bossy, or like a b*tcH, I am really just trying to be honest here. (And I am also not an attorney, so don't take my words as anything *official/legal either.* Although I did start college to become a lawyer, I just didn't finish, darn it. Yes, I was stupid.) I am just stating how it is from a person who has literally been there and done that already, and I managed to come through it all just fine. And so can you or anyone else. My problem is... I literally can't stand to see someone being used as a rug and walked on. I can't stand to see someone 'allowing' others to walk all over them. I hate it!! I just feel like if I don't at least say something, from my own life and personal experience, than I'm just as guilty & just as responsible as the person with the problem. Ya know! :P I can't help it.

So... don't be a rug... NOT FOR ANYONE! Stand up for yourself and fight back!! >:(

And just one more thing that I have to say because I've also been here and done that.... if you are paying a lawyer your hard earned money and they aren't doing a darn thing for you.... TELL THEM SO!! Get in their face and let them know you are unhappy! Remember, it is YOU paying them, to work for YOU, not for your darn husband, or themselves. [color=Blue"> You are paying for him to work for 'YOUR WANTS & YOUR NEEDS! ' [/color"> He is supposed to be there standing up in court for you and your rights! Sometimes you just have to remind a lawyer of that! Let him know that you are feeling cheated and that you feel he isn't doing a very good job for you. Ask him why?? Again, it is YOUR MONEY... YOU are paying his salary! He is supposed to be there FOR YOU!
 Re:Lies in court Buffalo Bill: Court is all about lying! Did you forget you were working with lawyers? He lies, you get mad, you continue to sue, your lawyer makes money, his laywer makes money, and judges keep their dockets full. (Notice the earlier post about being in court for three years).

In the beginning of my divorce I thought evidence and facts meant something. Being male the only evidence I could gather that a judge is going to care about is evidence that proves my STBX is a severly mentally ill habitiual drug abuser who molests children. Even then I would only have a 50/50 chance of having custody of my children. Hmmm...maybe your STBX is lying because he has to make you look so bad and him so good so he can beat the gender bias of the don't take it personally.

Honesty might bring honor among friends and family, but it has no value in legal issues. On second thought, I've been burned enough by friends and family over the years that I question the value of honesty among loved onces.
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