I think my wife mighthave a serve mental illness..tell me what you think

I think my wife mighthave a serve mental illness..tell me what you think exjiggly: We've been married for 5 (going on 6) years. I just found out recently found out that she's been abusing drugs and cheating on me ALOT and exposed our daughter all of this. She says that it's my fault that she did that and that i hurt her really bad and I am the source of her depression. She has no empathy what so ever and it hurts like hell. She said that it was all my fault for not paying any attention and my past ensecurities made her do it. Now, I have never cheated on her, yell at her, get physical with her or degrade her. I know I'm not perfect, I know i played my video games to much or didn't help around the house as much as i should. (That's a pretty hard punishment I think). She lied to me about it when I first became suspicious of her cheating. She said that I'm making her not love me by being suspicious. She said that my past pains were coming back and making her crazy and she's not my counslor and made me think I had PTSD. That was not the case at all. She had been cheating for the past 2 years (that I know of), using drugs and perforing both of these acts in front of our 5 year old daughter. I just found all this out 2 months ago. (I must be really blind)

She got really mad when I called the Department Of Children and Safety and the police. She told everyone the I made it all up and Im crazy. I was so hurt because I've never loved anyone as much as I loved her. I don't even find any other women attractive at all. I always just wanted her mentally. emotionally, sexually and lovinglly. I thought she was the most beautiful person in existents. So anyways, She left our home and me and our daughter went into depression missing her regarless what she's done. I filed for divorce and a restraining order against her even though it hurt like hell. I didn't want her out of my life; I loved her. She came back home and manipulated me into dropping both the divorce and restraing order and said she thinks she has a mental illness and sked me to help her and that she still loved me. I really think she has a mental illness (border line personality, narsistic). I said ok, Ill drop the cases and will help you because I always thought that's what a good husband suppose to do. It was good for about 2 days then she started being cold to me again with high/low moods and very impulsive. She then in one day hand written divorce papers (no lawyer) and had me served because i had hard time getting over what she has done. She then 4 days later filed a restraing order against me and I found out she was still cheating the whole time. She call my job (im in the military) and tells them that she doesn't me to come home but when i get home she buys and makes a big dinner and makes me a special desert. She's telling me that she can still change her mind on the divorce beause we have 90 days. I tried to get to the hospital to get a Physiologist evaluation but she won't. And now since I dropped those cases DCF and everyone else believes her. I have my daughter in counsling and my self. She currently trying to get me out of the house so her boyfriend can move in. She doesn't take good care of our daughter and has said to me that she blames me for her having her.

We had to take our daughter to the hospital for a foot infection and when we got done she left me there and I had to take a cab home. I sttod there in front of the hospital crying wondering how in the hell could this be the same woman I made love to just 3 months ago and she would cry and she was so in love. I have never been hurt this bad in my entire life. I never felt a pain so hard that it made me stop loving her. She's trying to take my daugher away from me and I'm scared. I worked so hard to have a family of my own. I thought I was doing the right thing by trying to help my wife and forgiving. I thought I was doing the right thing by getting my daughter help. I'm living a really hard case of injustice. The whole while my wife stands there and watches me sufffer and I've done nothing wrong to deserve this. When it's late at nite and my wife lays down to go to sleep, at that moment when all a person has is their thoughts, I really wonder how she can fall asleep knowing what she's done to me. I really do. :'(
Re:I think my wife mighthave a serve mental illness..tell me what you think craez: i know i sound like a broken record and must really be annoying people at this point, but type in "sociopath profile", click on what comes up, and see what you think. or type in The Sociopath Next Door.....read about it and tell me what you think. this will only take you a few minutes, and it MIGHT make you feel A LOT better. i'm serious. tell me what happens.
 Re:I think my wife mighthave a serve mental illness..tell me what you think FinallyFree: I would also strongly suggest searching on "Borderline Personality Disorder" and seeing what you think.
 Re:I think my wife mighthave a serve mental illness..tell me what you think FinallyFree: although I missed the part in your post where it sounds like you may have already done that.

Your story sounds strangly similar to some items I encountered with my hubby and the tales of some folks on The Nook at www.bpdcentral.com.
 Re:I think my wife mighthave a serve mental illness..tell me what you think some_guy: Intervene 1st with the drug addiction..then you can take care of the personality problems if they appear.

I feel for you, and hope that everything works out for you, personally.....this is a quite a complicated problem
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