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    The story about how this site came about is really quite extraordinary.

    After getting divorced several years ago, I sat down one hot afternoon to write what I thought would be the last letter of closure to my Ex.

    As I wrote I began to formulate many ideas and what began as a letter became a series of essays.

    You can find some of them HERE and a few went into a book

    These essays sat on my computer for quite some time.

    At least a few years!

    With the explosion of the net I decided to post a few things on the web and created a message board for people to discuss some of my ideas.

    So many people wanted to talk about their relationship difficulties that this site and it forum exploded.

    So far, this site has served over 12 million unique visitors and 45 million page views -- I guess it is a popular topic.

    Anyway, that is the short version of how it all happened and if you want to know 'why' it is called, OJar well that is a story for another time.