List Of Divorce Audio Books And Interviews

Free divorce audio books with people that have actually gone through the process.

  1. How To Deal With A Cheating Husband Or Wife – The Infidelity Coach


Excerpt: “Dr. Huizenga (The Infidelity Coach) is a marriage and family therapist. I have been a marriage and family therapist, licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Michigan since 1981 and have dealt over those years with a large number of couples who have had troubled marriages, and it always seemed to me in certain cases and in a high number of cases that there was an underlying factor, there was a secret there somewhere that was not being told that got in the way of that couple healing their marriage.” His site is here breakfreefromtheaffair.com. and blog site, infidelity-help.com.

  1. A New Way To Fix A Broken Marriage Or Relationship With Counseling – Andrew Van Der Reest


Excerpt: “Andrew Van Der Reest: Well, the main way I got started in seminars was because we provided counseling to businesses. A lot of people from the same department would come into us for counseling one at a time, and it would be 10 people from the same department. It was going to take forever to get through all these people so we talked to the managers then, and we started group sessions. And then, I found doing group sessions the main issues that people had at work, the ones we dealt with, at least, were how do we get on with the people we have to work with. So, our company is called Discoveries and our tagline is helping people at work play nicely in the sand pit. So, it’s all about how do we get people who are well intentioned, well meaning still heading in the same direction, working all together.”

  1. Rebuild Trust In Your Relationship With Susie and Otto Collins – Interview


  1. Singapore Date Expert Shares His Dating Tips


  1. Bree and her divorce story


  1. Joe and his relationship story


So enjoy these free Divorce Audio Books And Interviews and let me know if you want to be interviewed.

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