How To Write A Letter To My Ex Wife Or Ex Husband – Free Letter Generator

The letter generator below shows you could or how to write a letter to an ex wife or ex husband.I don’t suggest you send it but it will certainly make your day. It did mine!If you absolutely feel the need, write it, print it and then promptly throw it out.


Sending it will only cause you to have further contact which is not suggested. In fact I wrote a book all about the topic.

So here it is, the ex-letter generator. Just fill in the fields…

Dear you .Its has been  since I last saw your  .I do hope you have since we last  over the .

Since then, I have  and learned that there is so much more to life then.

I cannot believe how things have turned out so  for you. Please  contact me. Unless you wish to offer me  don’t bother .

Bye-bye for now, your former 

Now you have written it… DO NOT send it – this is ONLY a simulation.

If you want to have some fun, check out these very funny texts from ex’s here.

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