Facebook Divorce

A quick survey by an online divorce service in the UK has shown that Facebook the online social networking site is a cause of divorce.

Among the findings (which aren’t very scientific) they found 1 in 5 people blamed the social networking site.

The most common reason, inappropriate contact and messages between people outside the relationship.

It is common for people to look-up previous partners and re-establish contact and thereby creating all kinds of new problems in their current relationship.

A change to the personal status can also trigger problems as found here,


And just to complete this laundry list of scandalous divorces see this article by Salon magazine.

Couples are broadcasting their breakups online while friends — and lawyers! — watch in amazement and horror

Which can be found here,


So it might pay for you to keep an eye on your spouse and their Facebook account.

You never know who might be looking to re-establish contact with them “out of the blue”.

  • Michael James

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