Dealing With Stages Of Grieving A Break Up

Dealing With Stages Of Grieving A Break Up And Recovery. You have heard about the stages of Denial, Anger, Depression, Bargaining and Acceptance also known as classic pattern of the coping strategies.

Bad taste or valid advertising statement?

A law firm wanted more business, so this is their ‘innovative’ billboard. In case you can’t read the tag line of the billboard it reads, “Life’s short. Get a divorce”. Yes, it got buzz on the major media networks but it raises some serious questions. Excuse me, I feel nauseous! — Michael.

The Changes Coming To OJar.

Well it’s time to reveal what we have come up with in our discussions to improve OJar. 1. To save bandwidth costs everything will be in black and white. As technical people know that will immediately save 30% of our hosting costs with reduced bandwidth usage. 2. To save moderating time, anyone that uses the …

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Behind the scenes.

A short note to update everyone. Things may seem ‘quiet’ but Juggernaut has been working on a new concept to enhance OJar. He has taken ideas from the existing site, ideas from some other sites and has really come up with some new concepts that are very exciting. Imagine elements of myspace/hotornot/blogging/wikipedia combined with things …

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