OJar Original Divorce Poetry From M. Sims.

Original Divorce Poetry


You say you want your life to be interesting.
You have a certain amount of benevolence
When you compare your life to others.
What may seem interesting to you,
May be agony for some.
You say your life is weary.
You yearn for animation.
Our issues and encounters is what
makes us all unparalleled.
Just be glad you breathe.

The Same

The same stuff…
The same comments.
Doesn’t anyone have anything
to say that is untried?
Declare something different and
be not like everyone else.


There has been a lot of bickering.
But what is the significance?
Why remain in a hurtful spot
when there are people that will take you
to the point of pure gladness?
Hope, faith, and reliance in a
certain situation can only lead you so far.
If the issue is hopeless from the start.

What is Love?

Love is bearable to all things.
Love is caring to all things.
Love is understanding.
Love is believing in each other.

Love has no secrets.
Love holds no grudges.
Love tells no lies.
Love asks no questions.

Love can be the best thing that happens to you.
Until it dies.


Time is an unstoppable thing.
Can’t slow it down.
Can’t speed it up.
The past is the past.
Changing it is not possible.
And the future is untold.
Be sure to make the most of it.

Broken Dream

May I say “I love you”?
Would that be ok?
If I said “I love you”,
Would you walk away?

I dreamed of tomorrow,
But all I got was yesterday.
When you said good-bye,
I begged you to stay.
But you went anyway.

So fine. It is better this way.
I am over you, thank God,
And I mean what I say.


I see a sea of blue,
It reminds me of you.
I cry,
I weep,
I cannot sleep.

I am here and you are there,
Knowing that you just don’t care.
My pain inside I just can’t bare.
Knowing that you just don’t care.

I hear a song, and I cry.
I can’t believe you said good-bye.
I feel hurt.
I feel pain.
Nothing left in life to gain.

I am here and you are there,
Knowing that you just don’t care.


It rained today.
But it was a soft, calming downpour.
No children were out to play.
No one came or went.
The cars stood still.
The wind scarcely moved the leaves on trees.
It was as if time stood still.
A bird flies past.
The only movement in all my while of sitting here.
The air smells clean and fresh.
As if all the world’s dirty problems had been washed away.

A Day

Rising from bed,
Ready for the day that awaits me.
Will the span of this day be that of brilliance?
Or of ill-treatment, imperfection, and corruption?
Tonight when it is over,
Will I look in favor of this day?
Or go to bed with a scowl on my face?

Some Friend

Some friend you turned out to be.
One full of deception and hollowness.
Thank goodness you no longer fill my heart.
I do not want your flaws.
You keep them.
All I need now is me,
A positive being ready to overcome
anything pushed in my direction.


You say you hate people who play games.
The lies that are told.
The constant attitude.
Back and forth, back and forth.
Yet you play games as well.
Ignoring and avoiding someone instead
of confronting them and solving the problem.
That, too, is a game.
Don’t mess with people’s minds like that.
Be a human being.
You say you hate people who play games.
Well, go look in the mirror.

Mind vs. Heart

You say your mind and thoughts take over.
So does your heart have nothing to say?
Is it silenced and muffled by the thoughts going
through your mind?
There is a happy medium!
Your mind and heart meet there.
They carefully regard each other and finally
understand what the other is trying to say.
They know that they must work together.
Or nothing will be accomplished.
The mind says, “common sense”,
The heart says, “emotions are important too”.
Complicated as the two may be,
they can go together.
Try it.
You may surprise yourself.
I know I did.

All Original Divorce Poetry – Copyright © 2001 M Sims

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