Celebrity Divorces for Dec 19, 2009 and some strange stories.

In keeping my list of celebrity divorces up-to-date which you can find here I will add the following today.

LeAnn Rimes (27) and Dean Sheremet (29) divorced in 2009. They were married originally in 2002.

Also,  Jon  (32) and Kate Gosselin (34) after 10 years of marriage. Not quite celebrities they were seen on TV for their "reality show" named creatively as  "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" featuring their sextuplets, born in 2004, and their twin siblings.

Ivana Trump (60) who once was married to Donald Trump from Rossano Rubicondi (37) after about 1 year of marriage.

Also reported,  Jenny Sanford has filed for divorce from South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford known for his teary eyed confessional news conferences.

And for a quirky reminder of the holiday season a law firm in the UK is offering Christmas gift vouchers for divorce advice. Yes really!

These 125 pounds ($215) for a half hour session with a divorce lawyer from the firm Lloyd Platt & Company.

Finally from Texas where everything is bigger (or so they tell me).

According to their lawyers a same-sex couple in Austin, Texas, who fought for their right to get married are now fighting to legally divorce.

The logic is flawless.


"Five years after their marriage in Massachusetts, Angelique Naylor’s partner is fighting the split, saying that Texas does not recognize the same-sex union, so the divorce should not be recognized either."

Wow, how convenient.

  • Michael.

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