Divorce News for Dec 29, 2009

Among the famous faces getting divorces today,

Karl Rove is divorced from his wife Darby of 24 years. Karl is known in the USA as a senior adviser and deputy chief of staff for former President George W. Bush until 2007.

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons has agreed to divorce his wife Dawn. There are alleged rumors of embarrassing photos and texts between the Gov. and other women.

And the BBC is reporting “a 50-year-old man from Jerusalem has been granted a divorce for the 11th time”. I would hate to see his legal bills!

A statement read on behalf of his 11th divorce read, “Despite his 50 years, he has no grey hair and despite his much experience in marriage, he plans to marry again”

What can I add? “Good luck” maybe?!

And Fox news reports that a man in Sacramento’s West Natomas area (California) seriously injured himself while setting fire to his divorce papers. Sacramento Fire Department Capt. Jim Doucette told reporters that “he fire was in an upstairs bedroom … [and] Two cats were also found dead of smoke inhalation.”


And finally a lawyer in California has come up with a perfect way to avoid divorce but still get out of marriage.

I had to look.

Her “new” idea is to use the to petition for this type of dissolution using annulment. It turns out there are a raft of ways to use these laws and she has found her legal niche. I am sure there is plenty of publicity and business for people wanting to avoid the hassle of ‘divorce’.

– Michael James

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