Suspect Your Spouse is Cheating? Spy On Cheating Spouse

If you want to spy on cheating spouse and you suspect your spouse or kids of foul play I recommend you investigate a cheating spouse to find out the facts. Why? It can cause you immense grief and anxious hours. It can affect your kids and your relationship with your spouse but there are a few things you can do to spy on your kids and your spouse before confronting them as you discover the truth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you undertake these activities you need to check if they are legal where you live. You are required to verify that you can spy on your spouse so that you don’t go breaking the law breaching confidences and privacy by using spyware that monitors your spouses online activity.]

Many people wait until after the holidays to let their spouse or partner know that they have harboring a little secret. And that secret is that they want a divorce and if so, you want to spy on the spouse.

Lee Rosen of Rosen Law is North Carolina recently identified 5 ways to knowing if your spouse is planning on leaving you after the holidays and this may help you decide if you wish to spy on your spouse or maybe investigate private detective software that monitors online chat, email and other surfing habits.

Snoopware Cell Phone – Monitor Online Chat or Email

The beginning of the year, Lee tells us has over 50% of divorces or separations. In fact most are filed in the first three months of the year so spying on your spouse may be something you need to consider.

Lee suggests you check if your spouse is keeping the house cleaner, less cluttered. This may signify that your spouse is clearing out the items they want to keep. They may have already started selling your items in online auctions so you may need to spy on their online activities.

Also, Lee suggests you check if your spouse rented a storage unit lately. Maybe they surfed to a storage facility web site. Spyware will allow you to monitor emails between the facility and your spouse.

Another factor is increased spouse spending. Their online expenditures allow you to spy on any e-commerce that they may be buying. You can also see who they buy gifts for and check that there aren’t any purchases that are being made to people you don’t know.

By monitoring their net surfing you can spy on the cost of gifts bought. If there is a sudden change in spending patterns you can see if your holiday gift is going to cost far less expensive and thoughtful than previous years.

Suppose they are cruising the singles sites or looking for a new Apartment Guide. By spying on their online activities you can tell immediately.

What about using the computer to check on any unusual bank accounts, cell phone bills, maybe an online purchase of a calling card or pager. All of these are tell-tale red flags and worthy of investigation.

Lee Rosen of Rosen Law suggests if you’ve answered yes to the above activities it may be time to sit down with your spouse and ask some serious questions you could be looking at some complex and expensive facets of ending a marriage, child custody, alimony, property distribution, separation agreements and domestic violence. So if you’re suspicious you may want to start checking into what your spouse online with spyware or private detective software.

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