If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying.

I remember hearing this phrase at a conference once, “If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying” and at the time I filed it mentally under, “load of crap!”.

OK, yeah I have a cynical streak but who hasn’t right?

Well I was talking to Chris (OJar-Chris) tonight about the possible future plans for OJar and this phrase popped back in my head.

It seems that OJar has to either transition to a much more aggressive grown model or it will die. The ‘good ol days’ of OJar where everything relied on the forum had a place and a time but it is now time to move to a more Web 2.0 (collaborative) mode. Sites like Youtube.com and MySpace.com and Wikipedia have really shown what can happen when large groups of people come together under the banner of a mission.

I don’t see any reason why OJar couldn’t go to the next level. If the right people share a common vision, understand what needs to be done, and make sure that it happens, amazing things can happen.

Conversely, if the mission does not resonate and thing do not grow then as in any life-cycle, things must end.

I guess all of this sounds a little cryptic but I will be revealing more soon.

Tonight I shared my vision with Chris and got the first feedback. The basic response I got from Chris was, “If this does happen, OJar will be amazing”.

Every mission has to have its believers, tonight I found one. Tomorrow I hope to find a few more.

— Michael.

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