Mommy look at me… now!

This isn’t about OJar changing but I am hoping this will answer a riddle for some.

Why do some people create trouble on a forum?

Kids scream, “Mommy look at me” when they don’t feel the love.

People going through a breakup/divorce need love so they assume that any attention is a substitute for love.

Its all part of a well known self-destructive cycle that comes about when you are dealing with the end of a part of your life (grief).

I have seen it all before. Sad part is, “been there, got the T-shirt myself.”

Oh, if it makes you feel any better some people that go through this cycle do the attention thing in a public place like a bar and land up spending some time in jail.

There are a few of those stories posted on the board somewhere. Check them out when you get bored later.

Peace, Michael.

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