More thoughts – nothing critical.

Three ideas occurred to me today. Sometimes good ideas happen in the oddest of places like the supermarket. Yeah, odd I know.

1) If we all decide to move forward there should probably be a few different groups given the skills everyone is offering. So for example we could have a content, technical, business development and strategy group. Unless each person that chooses to contribute works to their particular strengths, things tend to go ‘pear shaped’ fast.

2) Also, I should really put my ideas in a few PowerPoint Slides before the first group meets so I can share the context, objective and constraints that OJar faces. It is important that the people that are involved understand ‘why’ things are the way they are and/or are not as they are (confusing or badly worded, you decide)

3) Last point. When people do contribute to helping this site become a much wider reaching site then it is only fair that some form of ‘profit share’ mechanism is incorporated. There are several models to discuss. Each model has its own pro’s and con’s but I am of the belief that contributions should be rewarded. I don’t think money should be the motivating factor given the sites original mission but it is not unreasonable to come up with some kind of benefit or gift for contributing to the site after the sites expenses are covered.

Let me say finally, I don’t want point 3 to be the exclusive focus of this post, just something that will be discussed and addressed at some point in the future.

I know some of this approach seems a little ‘corporate’ but the only thing that lasts beyond the capabilities of a single person is an organization with defined roles. Hence the need to adopt this type of model.

— Michael.

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