The Changes Coming To OJar.

Well it’s time to reveal what we have come up with in our discussions to improve OJar.

1. To save bandwidth costs everything will be in black and white. As technical people know that will immediately save 30% of our hosting costs with reduced bandwidth usage.

2. To save moderating time, anyone that uses the ‘report this post’ button more than five times in one week will have their avatar (small picture on the left hand side) changed to that of a crying baby.

3. People suspected of trolling the boards will have their avatar changed immediately to that of a ‘troll’ so that you will know immediately to ignore that person.

4. In keeping with the suggestion to use images and more meaningful names for the different sections of the board, “Tell your story here” will be called, “Word up, 411”.

5. A new board will be set-up called the ‘Naughty Corner’, especially for people that troll.

6. When two people fight they will be given the option to have an ‘OJar face-off”. Here’s how it works. They both start posting insults in ONE thread at one another. The first one to get tired and leave is the loser. The winner gets to pick the avatar of the loser (for a week) and the loser promises not to post for three days.

7. People that delete their accounts and return more than 3 times will be required to take a ‘defensive driving’ course with our favorite OJar member or as an alternative they will have to submit a photo of themselves driving a Volvo 240 — the ugliest car on this planet.

8. The next OJar get-together will be videotaped and sold for profit under the title, “Ojarians Gone Wild”. Applications for camera men and women are being taken. Hey, it’s time to profit from drunk OJarians. Right?

9. In an effort to improve the site, for every mean thing posted about your Ex you have to say something nice about them.

10. Happy April 1st.

– Michael.

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