Teleconference Recording and Slides

I invited 6 people to a teleconference to begin a dialog about the future direction of OJar. There were many more I would have liked to invite but I wanted to get a good mix of individuals into a very small group. Old-timers, newbies and a few “trouble makers” in the hope of getting the widest possible feedback. I am hoping over time we can grow this group into multiple groups with a variety of responsibilities in many areas.

Tonights 1.5 hour call was recorded so you can listen in. I have also made available the slides I used. If you wish to become involved in the future of Ojar you can send me a note and list your strengths. There are currently several groups being formed, content, technical, business development (revenue) and strategy. You can choose one or more of course.

I wish to thank everyone that joined us tonight!

— Michael.

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