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Sometimes it helps to get a different point of view from some of these divorce books.

Still a chance to fix your marriage?

If you are still trying or willing to try save your marriage you should seriously consider Lee Baucom book on “Saving Your Marriage” – there so many myth’s about reconciling that it shocks me. In fact, the steps you need to take are different for men and women. Reconciliation requires skills beyond making promises and ‘going to a therapist’. Lee addresses this and more.

Getting legal? Jean Mahserjian and Whitney Clark are lawyers, in “The Divorce Primer – Divorce Basics for the Consumer” they show you how to save thousands of dollars on attorneys fees, how to navigate the roadmap on the divorce process, attorneys, and the court system and win at your divorce. To get the same information that is contained in the Divorce Primer, you would need to spend at least 10 hours with a divorce attorney – at $200 per hour, that is a $2000 value. That should be reason enough to seriously consider their book.

Also, Men Made Easy provides an interesting insight into men and why things don’t always work out. Not strictly a divorce book but certainly an interesting read for someone struggling with the end of their relationship.

This is the book I wrote that covers what the others don’t, “How to Legally Save Thousands on Your Divorce” is the book that uncovers major stumbling blocks that prevent people from getting more from their divorce, saving huge legal fee’s and getting over the ex faster and for less. This book my big collection of essays on all the things I wish I had known before I got divorced to save me making some hugely expensive mistakes.

Divorce Recovery

How to Mend a Broken Heart by Dick Innes

How to Mend a Broken Heart : Letting Go and Moving on by Aleta Koman

Mars and Venus/Starting Over A Practical Guide for Finding Love Again After a Painful Breakup, Divorce, Or the Loss of a Loved One by John Gray

When Hope Can Kill : Reclaiming Your Soul in a Romantic Relationship

by Lucy Papillon

The Good
Bye Book: How To Heal A Broken Heart In 30 Days

by Howard Bronson, Mike Riley

Time : Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life

by Abigail Trafford

Uncoupling: Turning Points in Intimate Relationships

by Diane Vaughan

GettingUp, Getting Over, Getting on : A Twelve Step Guide to Divorce Recovery

by Micki McWade

Complete Divorce Recovery Handbook, The

by John P. Splinter

The Grief Recovery Handbook : The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death Divorce, and
Other Losses

by John W. James, Russell Friedman

The Choosing to Forgive Workbook

by Les Carter, Frank Minirth (Contributor)

Divorce Common Sense Handbook: 180+ Things To Do and 8+ Things Not to Do Before Your

by Judy Colbert

A Path Through Loss: A Guide to Writing Your Healing and Growth

by Dr. Nancy C. Reeves

The Love Trauma Syndrome : Free Yourself from the Pain of a Broken Heart

by Richard B. Rosse

The Hell With Love : Poems to Mend a Broken Heart

by Mary Esselman (Editor), Elizabeth Velez (Editor)

Love Is a Choice Workbook (Minirth-Meier Clinic Series)

by Robert Hemfelt, et al

Happiness Is a Serious Problem: A Human Nature Repair Manual

by Dennis Prager

I Should Forgive, But

by Chuck Lynch, Charles A. Lynch

Love Must Be Tough

by James C. Dobson

On Your Own Again : The Down-To-Earth Guide to Getting Through a Divorce or Separation
and Getting on With Your Life

by Keith Anderson, Roy MacSkimming

The Grief Recovery Handbook

by James T. Friedman

Divorce : The Best Resources to Help You Survive

by Rich Wemhoff (Editor)

Divorce, 6 Ways to Get Through the Bad for Good

by Jack Williamson, Mary Ann Salerno

Legal Divorce

Divorce Strategy : Tactics for a Civil Divorce

by Laura A. Johnson, Tyne Benesek (Editor)

Divorce and Money : How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce

by Violet Woodhouse, et al

The Smart Divorce: A Practical Guide to the 200 Things You Must Know

by Susan T. Goldstein, Valerie H. Colb

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Surviving Divorce

by Pamela Weintraub, et al

Divorce For Dummies

by John Ventura, Mary J. Reed

Kids and Divorce

Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Making Two Homes for Your Child

by Isolina, Ph.D. Ricci

Good-Bye, Daddy!

by Brigitte Weninger, Alan Marks (Illustrator)

At Daddy’s on Saturdays

by Linda Walvoord Girard, et al

Mom and Dad Don’t Live Together Anymore

by Nancy Lou Reynolds (Illustrator), Kathy Stinson

My Parents Still Love Me Even Though They’re Getting Divorced : An Interactive Tale for

by Lois V. Nightingale, Blanca Apodaca (Illustrator)

Dinosaurs Divorce : A Guide for Changing Families

by Marc Tolon Brown, Laurence Krasny Brown

It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear : A Read-Together Book for Parents & Young Children During

by Vicki Lansky, Jane Prince (Illustrator)

Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way

by M. Gary Neuman, Patricia Romanowski (Contributor)

Difficult Questions Kids Ask and Are Too Afraid to Ask-About Divorce

by Meg F. Schneider, Joan Zuckerberg (Contributor), Joan Offerman-Zuckerberg

Saving your Marriage

Fighting for Your Marriage : Positive Steps for Preventing Divorce and Preserving a
Lasting Love

by Scott Stanley, et al

Divorce Busting : A Revolutionary and Rapid Program for Staying Together

by Michele Weiner-Davis

Divorce Remedy: The Proven 7-Step Program for Saving Your Marriage

by Michele Weiner-Davis

Divorce Studies

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce : A 25 Year Landmark Study

by Judith S. Wallerstein, et al


Life Strategies: Doing What Works, Doing What Matters

by Phillip C. McGraw, Phillip C. McGraw Ph.D.

Mirrored Lives: The True Story of Two Women, One Man, and the Betrayals that Brought Them Together

by Lib Lander and Jan Lander

On the way out? If you haven’t yet decided if you want out of your marriage, please read Susie and Otto Collins book “Should you Stay or Should you Go”
as this gives you a different perspective.

Here they are talking about – How To Fix A Relationship In 3 Easy Steps

How To Fix A Relationship In 3 Easy StepsHow To Fix A Relationship In 3 Easy Steps

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